Setting foot in Spain

We gathered a list of tool and services to help you to tap into the Spanish market

Set foot in the local ecosystem

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Kit D'implantation - French Chamber of Commerce 

"The Kit of Implantation"  is an operational tool to facilitate your settling in Spain and understand the economic, law and tax environment


Barcelona Global

Barcelona Global is a private, independent, non-profit association, set up as a platform for citizen's ideas and action, made ​​up of people and companies who care about Barcelona and its future. The association's mission: to actively contribute to making Barcelona one of the most attractive cities in the world, in order to attract and develop talent and foster economic activity.
bcn tech city

Barcelona Tech City 

The global aim of Barcelona Tech City is to consolidate and stimulate an emerging sector with a turnover of 6 billion euros and 10,000 workers, contributing to benchmark Barcelona as a reference, mainly in and from South Europe, in the international tech scene.

Find a place to work

Co-working spaces


La Peña des entrepreneurs 

Club of entrepreneurs, mostly French, it gathers a community made of 800 CEOs.



EGI Group is is a Business Accelerator which help Ecommerce Solution Providers to enter and grow in the Spanish Market. 

It offers a large ranges of services like: digital headhunting, ecommerce co-working, sales coaching, events organization / PR and start-up fundraising. a company specialized in eRetail/eCommerce/Digital solutions which helps you optimize your business processes. 

la Family


"At the family, we won't tell you what to do. You'll use our infrastructure to grow faster: customized education, on-demand partnership, +100 tools, the best tech community + whatever you can imagine in the coming weeks"

Barcelona activa

Barcelona Activa 

Barcelona Activa is integrated in the Area of Employment, Enterprise and Tourism at Barcelona City Council; it is responsible for promoting the economic development of the city, designing and implementing employment policies for citizens, and encouraging the development of a diversified local economy.

List of co-working spaces in BCN 


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